Who I am, What I do and Why I'm here...

My name is Jeff Soileau (that's pronounced "swah-lo" for those that have
forgotten their high school French).  

For nearly two decades I have made my living with music.  For the past seven
years I have performed in the Atlanta area as a solo acoustic guitarist.  Prior
to that I owned Crossroad Music, a specialty guitar store in Auburn, Alabama,
from 1989-99.  Throughout the past 18 years I have worked as a professional
guitar tech and I'm still called to do a lot of guitar set ups and repairs in
Atlanta.  I teach lessons in both Athens and Atlanta, and perform live in both

I'm originally from the "Shoals" area, in northwest Alabama.  Florence, to be
specific.  The prolific recording industry there at the time had a great impact
on me.  I won't go into details, but the importance of Muscle Shoals to the
music industry earned it the title "hit recording capital of the world."  When I
was a kid I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of musicians touring and
recording with the biggest names in rock n' roll during that time.  It was a huge
With encouragement from our Athens friends, my fiancée and I recently decided
to simplify our lives and move from the hectic Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta.  She
calls this our "Escape from Alphatraz."  We love Athens and the opportunity to
reacquaint ourselves with old band mates and musician friends, and to become
involved in the vibrant music scene here.

I am teaching guitar lessons, doing guitar repairs and enjoying our 100-year old
home in the historic Boulevard area of Athens.  If you are interested in guitar
lessons, guitar repair or just want to talk about life, music, Cajun food or anything
else, give me a call or shoot me an email.  I'd love to hear from you!

- Jeff Soileau
(404) 643.9772

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